Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Train Post

Trains are super boring. Makes me hate traveling. I was super excited to find out that they now have Internet for everyone, but it is so painfully slow that I’d almost rather not try. Spend 30 minutes checking your email and then you’ve had enough. I wish I could sleep and just wake up when we make it home. Arrg. The lights are so bright! And it’s pitch dark out! What am I suppose to do?!?! Somehow I’m just not in the mood to study… I can never really get much work done on trains. Too sleepy and can’t concentrate! I did however get a lot of reading done on the train last night…. But that was because there was pretty much nobody in the car. I didn’t make it home until late last night and then I slept super well because I was so tired. Monday was insane! So many meetings and things that needed to be done that day! Tomorrow doesn’t sound like much fun either. Busy busy. I’m just focusing on this week right now. Midterm and presentation on Friday… and I’m trying not to think about much after that. Scary. Anyways, I think I’ll post this when I get home, way too much effort to post it now. Evil Free Internet! Lol.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mid October Already!

Assignments are multiple, but not stressful. School is busy though. So many damn group projects...

Yes, it's the middle of the day but I'm in my PJs. It's because it's so FREAKING cold up here. It's suppose to warm up next week, but wtf, my apartment is always cold!! It's not even winter yet! SO not cool!

Got some interesting news today that I want to think over a bit... I'm never one to get my hopes up for anything... I refuse to even get excited about this... life lessons have only one thing to prove: this won't happen. I can't even imagine it. Too unlikely. Stop thinking about it Shannon! It will never make sense!

Finished study notes today for my one and only midterm this year. Shockingly though nobody else in my program seems to have midterms (except my one class). It's so going to be like first year! I've got a bit of time to study though... sounds like a good activity for tomorrow and Tuesday... so much spare time and so much lack there of. Why can't time spread out more so that I'm never to rushed and never too bored. That would be great.

P.S. Going to a halloween party... what should I be? Too bad I threw out my ladybug one last year...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

BDAY Celebration Weekend!

OMG! School is so stressful already. I feel like I have half the amount of time I normally have to finish everything... and quite honestly I actually do. There are a lot of really stupid assignments, which I can certainly tolerate... but I am seriously NOT a fan of all this group work stuff. Either you feel like you are not contributing enough to the project or you are afraid of doing it all on your own. I've never been the best at sharing, and group work is so not my thing. Perhaps it would be more tolerable in small groups, but when you have to deal with four or five other people, I start to lose my patience. Anyways, that's my little rant about school. I know it's not about the marks... but really.... it's always about the marks!

So Maggie came to visit me for my birthday (technically last weekend, but it's also still my birthday week)... she arrived on Friday and we stayed up catching up. Saturday we went for a walk... ended up at two malls... and then shopped downtown before going to lunch with Heather. We chilled at my place for a bit before leaving to show Maggie Heather's new appartment. There we practiced some "modern" dance... lol... and Heather showed us some really cool tricks! Of course we also got to play with Nelly and Sally! :) Anyways, Maggie and I then went to visit Craig for a bit before dinner. It was such a busy day... that ended with dancing... watching shows... and one a.m. hot fudge sundaes! Awesome! Then this morning Maggie and I went out for breakfast (I LOVE PANCAKES!) before she had to leave. :( Spent quite a bit of time on homework before Jenn got back and started telling me all about her awesome week. I hope that this wasn't the last fun weekend for a while... but it seems that it may be.

Monday, September 07, 2009


Isn't it just so awesome that everyone gets a holiday today to celebrate MY birthday!! lol. Today also is my last day of the summer since I've got school tomorrow! :( Better make it an awesome day!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

NY weekend!

Through crazy-bad traffic on Friday afternoon, I drove down to Maggie's house to visit her for the weekend. We first went to her sister's house for dinner with her family and to help pack up. Then we got ready to go out dancing at night. The club was cool... good drinks! :) Music was awesome at the beginning but nobody was dancing... but then near the end when everyone was dancing, the music started really sucking. How do you dance to rap if you are a white girl?? Just asking. Anyways, the next morning after cheerios we left to move Beckie and Dave into their new house. Some packing first, then the big move. That was really tiring... but at least I never had to do any really heavy lifting. After assembling some furniture and arranging the house a bit, Maggie and I left on our NY mini trip. No problems at the border :) We got to the awesomest mall ever and shopped a bit. I got new jeans and a sweatshirt! :) Yeah for pants that fit and don't need a belt!!! lol. We went to fuddruckers for dinner, which is the best burger restaurant ever!! It's kind of like make your own burgers, since you get to design your own topings... seriously, that was an amazing burger! After dinner we went to Target because I had never been and I got to see all this cool food you can't get up here. OMG! Must go grocery shopping there one day!! wow. The next morning Maggie's mom made us french toast! It was very delicious!! I must find out how she made it so soft... it was much better than my mom's french toast! Anyways, the drive home was really smooth but I missed my exit and ending up driving through downtown T.O., past the CN tower and such. It's funny how much being in T.O. and N.Y. makes me smile. I honestly could barely stop smiling the whole time I was in both cities. lol.

Last week before school! Must have fun... and fininsh this Dicken's novel (Oliver Twist).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Good Summer

Last week was pretty much one of the best days of my summer... actually although the summer started off pretty miserably, it's been pretty great lately... here is what I have been up to:

1. Got my grade back from summer school... A+ of course!! YEAH!! :)

2. Went to Waterloo with two of my friends to visit Sharon and her boyfriend. Had an awesome time shopping in the area and hanging out together at night... sleepover was awesome!

3. Had a BBQ at my house while the family was out. A bunch of friends came over and we cooked food and then played twister. I haven't played that in soooo long, but it's so much fun with friends! This was also a sleepover and a we went out for brunch again, and I discovered a new favorite restaurant.... despite the horrible service.

4. Got new glasses that help me not look like I'm in high school

5. Had dinner with Heather S and got to see all my old coworkers

6. Yesterday I went shopping with Heather J, and then had sushi dinner. Sushi is still hard to fit in my mouth, but I forced it and it was so worth it! Yummmm.... Eel!! :) We also got some frozen yogurt from the same place I went with Maggie a few weeks before. That place is sooo cool!!

7. Just got back from shopping with my mommy... I'm starting to work on a whole new wardrobe for school. I need clothes that make me look my age.

8. Read some good books, including a lot of Jane Austen and Angels & Demons... now I'm working on 20,000 leagues under the sea... which I'm not enjoying too much.

9. Went mini-golfing with Jenny and Celia in town... and then showed them around the town. We also made a delicious salmon wrap lunch and discovered some cool things about my town that I never really knew.

10. Finished catching up on True Blood episodes so now I know what everyone is talking about. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I'm dying to know my final grade for my summer course, but assuming I passed (it would appear pretty likely), I have officially completed my undergrad! WOOT! That's pretty exciting, and also kind of sucky. I don't want it to be over, I want to be an undergrad forever!! At least I still have school in September to look forward to, but honestly, it's not going to be the same!
Anyways, since I've been back, I've been continuing my reading obsession and working through my second Jane Austen novel. Apart from the total lack of origninality when it comes to naming her characters, I love the stories and I feel like they make me even more girly than before (not that I don't see the danger in that, but I love old fashioned romances). I can't wait to get back to school so that I can steal some more of my roommate's stash of old school books. lol.
Anyways, not much to say now, being here sucks.